Mass. State Oil Line Law Information and Photos

What is the Massachusetts State Oil Line Law?

In 2009, Massachusetts signed legislation to reduce the frequency of spills from residential heating systems. Per Chapter 453 of the Acts of 2008 if a residential oil supply and/or return line is in direct contact with the concrete, earth, or other floor surface, it must be upgraded. There is more to the criteria – follow this link to read Homeowner Oil Heating System Upgrade and Insurance Law provided by Mass DEP.


How does the New Oil Line Law affect me?

Oil supply upgrades and insurance requirements are scheduled to take effect this month (July, 2010). Therefore, if you own residential property in Massachusetts we have taken photos of typically compliant oil lines as well as non-compliant oil lines.

Note: Most oil supply lines installed after January 1, 1990 are compliant.

unprotected-oil-line   protected-oil-line-photo

A compliant copper oil line has plastic sheathing on the outside. The plastic sheathing is typically orange or blue. The plastic sheathing protects the copper from the corrosion that takes place if it is in direct contact with cement. If a return line exists it must also be up to code.


oil-safety-valve-photoOil Valves and the New State Oil Line Law

Sometimes an Oil Safety Valve is installed at the outlet of the oil storage tank . Installing an oil safety valve will make you compliant but we always recommend a new plastic sheathed copper oil line whenever possible.


Insurance coverage for leaks and the cost of cleanup

The new law also requires insurance companies to OFFER policy coverage for leaks and the cost of cleanup. Many home owners policies did not have or offer that coverage prior to the new law.

Your insurance company will most likely require an inspection and signed certificate of Compliance. A certificate of compliance form (527 CMR 4.00 – Form 1A) in PDF format provided by can be found here. Kerivan-Lane will be happy to inspect your line at the time of your tune-up or when we are in your neighborhood. You may also email us a photo of your oil line showing the view at the oil burner and oil storage tank and we will let you know if it is compliant.


For many years Kerivan-Lane’s professional staff of technicians and service department have been informing customers of unprotected copper oil supply lines so chances are you have already complied.


Call now if you know your oil line is NOT compliant and one of our licensed oil burner technicians will install a new line. Please don’t wait. We want to schedule at your convenience.

Thank you for your business. We want you to be happy with us and we appreciate your referrals.