Selling Your Home or Moving?

If you are planning to sell your home or move, please let Kerivan-Lane know. We can help you with the sales process by performing inspections on your plumbing system, heating system, storage tank, and perhaps most importantly working closely and providing information to the real estate professional who you have chosen. These inspections will ensure a hassle-free closing.


Real Estate professionals suggest we:

  • moving-family2perform an efficiency tune-up on your heating system
  • provide final tank reading for your closing
  • inspect your fuel storage tank and oil line for compliance and integrity
  • inspect your plumbing system and hot water storage tank
  • tag shutoffs to the main water supply, boiler and hot water tank
  • tune-up your a/c system
  • provide documentation of the services listed and inspections above

In order for Kerivan-Lane to provide timely information and service to your real estate professional, please fill out the following form.We can also complete any upgrades on your home before you move in!

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