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Rebate assistance for Massachusetts home owners

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Rebate Assistance for Massachusetts Homeowners


Contact the energy-efficiency experts at Kerivan-Lane to assist you in finding rebates and filling out the paperwork that is required for maximum benefit. We guarantee your rebate redemption and will walk you through the rebate process. Today, there are a variety of energy efficiency incentives for home owners in the West Suburban Boston area.These offers can add up to thousands of dollars in savings today, as well as annually for many years to come.
7-year, 0% Financing

Receive 0% financing for 7 years on with the purchase of any heating system.

To get a FREE estimate or learn details about this program, contact us.

Cool Smart Rebate:

Cool Smart is a residential air conditioning rebate program. This year, qualifying ductless mini split air conditioning equipment will receive up to $500 in rebates**.

** Equipment will receive up to $500 in rebates per outdoor condenser

MassSAVE Rebates:

High efficiency oil systems can qualify for up to $1200 in rebates from Mass Save.

Oil Rebates:

Rebates available from $300 to $800.

Propane Rebates:

Rebates available from $500 up to $1200.

Gas Network Rebates:

High efficiency gas heating equipment can qualify for up to $1600 in rebates from Gas Networks.

Mass Clean Energy:

Rebates are available for Ductless systems, with savings up to $625 per system (up to 3 systems) for outdoor condensers.

Contact us today to see how we can save you money on your new air conditioning or heating installation.

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