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Precision Cooling with Ductless Air Conditioning  –

Kerivan-Lane provides Ductless Air Conditioning services throughout the Massachusetts and Greater Boston areas. With Ductless Air Conditioning systems in your home, you have the ability to control each room individually without the hassle as with traditional air-conditioning. Ductless units allow you to control air-flow without wasting energy.

  • Cool a home or building room by room
  • They’re small and discreet
  • Each room is temperature-controlled separately
  • Separate controls mean that each user can customize their environment
Ductless Save Money
With Ductless systems, homeowners ultimately save money. Traditional cooling systems are inefficient and drain the power of your home, which leads to higher monthly bills. Therefore, installing Ductless is your best option. In addition to cheaper (or less expensive) monthly bills, you can also save money through associated rebates and tax credits available. The Rebate Assistance experts at Kerivan-Lane will walk you through the rebate process to ensure that you save as much money as possible. As a Fujitsu Ductless Systems Elite Contractor, Kerivan-Lane assures that its customers receive high-quality service along with extended warranty.
Better Air Quality
Eliminate Dust, Bacteria Allergens and Other Harmful Particulates

Traditional AC units actually require professional, frequent cleaning in order to stay clear. And even then, stubborn dust and allergens remain, which then get pumped throughout the home. Ductless Air-Conditioning units are equipped with multi-stage filtration systems that can reduce dust, bacteria, allergens and other harmful particulates in the air. With Ductless AC, the air inside your home will be fresh and clean.

Ductless Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
 Increased Efficiency Equals=Decreased Carbon Output

In addition to saving money, the small size of Ductless units allows them to run on a very low amount of power, which reduces your carbon footprint overall. Furthermore, Ductless systems follow Energy Star guidelines, meeting stricter codes than the minimum federal government standards. Since Ductless Air-Conditioning doesn’t waste air on unused rooms, and every unit is controlled individually, they use less energy than a traditional air-conditioner.

Fujitsu Ductless Systems

It seems that the Northeast region leads in installations of Ductless systems, with 40% of the market to be exact. And thanks to companies like Fujitsu, the new generation of mini split systems solve the biggest problem associated with air conditioning. The Fujitsu Ductless Mini Splits are state-of-the-art energy efficient technology, that provides comfort and solves issues where ducted solutions are not feasible.

ENERGY Star Most Efficient

# 1 Fujitsu Elite Contractor in Massachusetts

Fujitsu Halcyon systems RLS3 and RLS3H are among the world’s most efficient mini splits. Unique energy saving features allow for optimum performance while earning the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient status with a 33.0 SEER.

Indoor units are compact with a sleek modern design bringing comfort and style to every room. Also, Kerivan-Lane customers get extra Fujitsu Elite benefits!

Kerivan-Lane is proud to be a Fujitsu Elite Contractor. Prouder still to be the # 1 Fujitsu Elite Contractor in Massachusetts. The program is designed so that it’s benefits pass through to the consumer. Because we are held to a very high standard with regard to training and customer service Fujitsu has the confidence to give our customers a 12 year parts and compressor warranty on Fujitsu Halcyon products.

Elite Contractor status must be earned through training, testing, and ratings. Elite Contractors must provide a high level of support and service to their customers. This is another way that Massachusetts customers of Kerivan-Lane can have peace of mind knowing they’ve made the right choice.

How Does A Ductless System Work?
An indoor unit, called an evaporator is connected to an outdoor unit called a condenser. They are connected by what is referred to as a line set which only requires a 2 ½” – 3” hole. The line set contains copper tubing, electrical wiring, and a drain line.

Refrigerant in the copper tubing is cooled by the compressor and pumped to the indoor unit where a fan then distributes the conditioned air throughout the room. The cooler air displaces the warmer air so that the evaporator unit can collect it sending it back to the condenser. The evaporator also removes and disposes of condensation which is why comfort is often associated with ductless systems. The electrical wiring in the line set carries electricity from the condenser to the indoor unit so that no additional wiring is necessary.

Fujitsu Ductless Systems can be Controlled with your Smartphone!
Control your home’s climate anytime, anywhere!

Through the free FGLair app Fujitsu General’s high efficiency RLS3Y and RLS3HY series heating and cooling systems can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Ductless Systems Provide Heat Too
Even at cold temperatures outside air contains heat. Reversing the air conditioning process a built in heat pump in the outdoor unit recovers heat from the outside air sending heated refrigerant to the indoor unit where it is dispersed as warm air.

The heating capabilities of ductless makes it possible to do away with inefficient space heaters while bringing year round comfort to living spaces where heating and cooling often pose a challenge.

Technology Breakthrough
The introduction of the inverter-based compressor was a game changer. Previously AC compressors consumed a lot of energy due to a fair amount of starting and stopping along with the fact that they were only capable of running at high speed. An inverter compressor runs at different speeds according to the load required. Eliminating the stop and start functions means the compressor will most often run at a low speed which uses electricity much more efficiently.

More energy savings are realized due to the fact that ductless air conditioning has no ducts. Traditional ducted systems may leak or are routed through attics or unconditioned spaces resulting in a considerable loss of energy.

Rebate Assistance
Not only does the efficiency and precise zoning of Fujitsu Ductless Mini Splits save money, but there are many rebates and tax credits available! The Rebate Assistance experts at Kerivan-Lane will walk you through the rebate process to ensure that you save as much money as possible. Between the efficiency in energy costs and available rebates, Ductless Mini Splits can save you money overall.

Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

Ductless heating and cooling is a perfect solution for many Massachusetts and Greater Boston families. While traditional air conditioning has failed to keep pace with rapidly changing lifestyles, ductless mini split systems have become the go-to choice of homeowners seeking personal comfort and energy efficiency all in one package.

As a world leader in ductless climate control systems, Mitsubishi Electric is constantly innovating to create heating and cooling products that deliver precise comfort wherever and whenever it’s needed in your home. And because Mitsubishi products are designed for maximum energy efficiency you no longer have to choose between comfort and cost. Mitsubishi consistently wins awards in the green energy sector, and the lineup includes numerous products that are Energy Star rated or qualify for federal tax credits.

Mitsubishi Advanced Ductless Climate Control Systems
    • Precision Cooling & Heating

You can achieve precise comfort in each room individually with a state-of-the-art remote control. Deluxe models use advanced technology to monitor occupancy, adjusting the temperature according to the preferences of who is in the room.

  • Zoned Monitoring
      Air exchange systems in each room measure return air temperatures and adjust automatically, rather than adjusting based on a thermostat in a different room like other AC systems.
  • Inverter Technology
      Ductless systems work on minimal power intake and with precision to ensure maximum efficiency. Rather than turning on and off at certain temperature thresholds like other air-conditioning units,  Mitsubishi Inverter technology continuously adjusts to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Clean, Fresh Air
      Mitsubishi Ductless Systems are equipped with advanced triple-action air filtration to clean dust, dirt, allergens and other harmful particulates from entering a home. With Mitsubishi Mini Splits, the air inside of your home is fresher and cleaner than the air outside.
Mitsubishi Ductless Systems are Precise and Efficient
Traditional AC systems are bulky and inefficient, and window units are unsightly and loud. Those more traditional methods of air-conditioning fail to cool homes with precision, or maximize efficiency. But one of the many advantages of Ductless systems is their unique ability to cool rooms separately and efficiently. With Ductless units, each room is individually controlled. Precision cooling means that each room can be set to the user’s preference, and energy is never wasted.

Control Your Ductless Unit From Your Smartphone

The Mitsubishi MODBUS/TCP Network Module is a communication network that helps you have total control over your ductless system!

The QJ71MT91 module offers a full MODBUS/TCP network communications facility to any Q Series system. Use this module to establish control of a MODBUS/TCP network of devices from a Q Series based system.

Key Features:

  • Easily configured with Intelligent Function Module utilities in GX Developer or GX Works2 (requires plug-in).
  • GX Configurator-MB or GX Configurator2-MB reduce setup and maintenance time.
  • Master communication function supports both automatic communications and communication under program control, if required.
  • Also supports slave communication functions including automatic response and MODBUS device assignment.
  • Both slave and master functions can operate concurrently100Mbit Ethernet capability with KeepAlive and router relay functions.
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