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Turn on the Heat!
October 10, 2012

Heating System Checkup

Hardy New Englanders often insist on waiting until November 1st every year to turn on their heat. While we commend them for their bravery, we think it might be a good idea to turn it on for at least one hour sometime this month to make sure all is in working order!  October usually has some chilly days and nights when a little heat would be welcome and our service department is not as busy now as in the winter. If you DO find a problem that needs attention, we can schedule a service call promptly. A “no heat call” at this time of year is not an emergency and our rates during normal business hours are very reasonable.

Schedule A Tune Up

If you have not scheduled your annual tune-up yet, now would be a good time for that also. A well maintained heating system is more dependable and burns less fuel. Schedule a tune-up on-line or contact us by phone @ (781) 444-0279.

As many of you already know Kerivan-Lane service plans are designed to save you money while also giving you peace of mind. We encourage you to check out our money saving Kerivan-Lane service plans.