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Conserving Our Resources
August 17, 2012

Recently Mass Save came by our company office and warehouse to perform an audit of our electric usage.  My daughter, Briana Lane, has always had an interest in conservation and the protection of our environment so I asked her to work with the auditor. She discovered some areas to save but most importantly she realized all the ways Kerivan-Lane conserves our customers ‘fuel, electricity, gas, and water.

Briana saw the auditor looking only at our lighting and began to think about our installations of the modern efficient ductless AC/Heating units that save huge amounts of electricity for AC and oil or gas when they heat. Then we talked about the 30%-40% of fuel savings that results when we upgrade the existing heating boilers and hot water tanks. The new “intelligent” heating controls only allow the boiler to use the energy needed based on how cold it is outside, therefore saving significant fuel during milder temperatures.

In addition our plumbing division saves our customers thousands of gallons of water by installing water saver fixtures and making repairs based on our inspections of plumbing systems.

The home heating oil we distribute has a high efficiency additive which lowers emissions and keeps your system burning cleaner longer. This additive saves up to 3% on your fuel usage. The BIOHEAT blend also includes a small percentage of renewable bio fuels produced here in America.

Kerivan-Lane recycles all of the metals, copper, cast iron, cardboard, plastics, waste oil, paper, steel, and brass from our installations. Our techs collect and safely store and dispose of mercury from controls and thermostats.

In short, Kerivan-Lane plays a key role in advising our customers on how to conserve our natural resources and make their home more comfortable and affordable to operate. We appreciate the opportunity to provide this valuable service. We know that our business depends on your trust in us to give you the correct guidance.