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New Customer Fixed Price Contract

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Fixed Price Contract

Terms and Conditions & Cancellation

The price on this contract is valid until and expires at 4 PM EST each day of the contract date. By submitting this form and providing payment for the gallons requested, Kerivan-Lane and you, the customer, have entered into a binding agreement and contract. The customer agrees that Kerivan-Lane will be their exclusive oil supplier, remain on automatic delivery and purchase 100% of their fuel needs from Kerivan-Lane Inc. The contract is valid only upon payment in full. Payment by check or cash is preferred. A discount may apply.

State law requires Kerivan-Lane to purchase the contract gallons. Therefore, your purchase by credit card or check is final and non-refundable. Customer understands there is financial risk in purchasing fixed price oil and there is no guarantee of savings. Money paid for contract oil may not be applied to other products and services Kerivan-Lane provides until after the date the contract expires, May 1 of the contract year or all contract gallons have been delivered.

This fixed price will expire once the contract gallons have been delivered or on the effective end date of May 1, whichever comes first. Fixed price gallons will be delivered first and can not be put on hold for future use. A split delivery of contract gallons and Kerivan-Lane market rate gallons is likely to occur on the last delivery of contract gallons. Undelivered gallons do not carry over. The customer agrees to remain during and after automatic delivery after the fixed price contract expires at the Kerivan-Lane market rate.

Customer agrees to remain within the credit terms of Kerivan-Lane for all services and products provided to the customer. Should the customer move/sell the home the gallons will be delivered to the new owner and the new owner will pay the customer for those remaining gallons and the gallons in the tank. If this contract is terminated for any reason caused by the customer within the fixed price term, including but not limited to withdrawal from automatic delivery customer agrees to pay costs of collection including attorney’s fees.

Force Majeure: Kerivan-Lane, Inc. shall not be responsible for damages caused by delay or failure to perform, in whole or part, for non-compliance of the terms caused by an Act of God, war conditions, allocation or rationing programs or any cause beyond the control of Kerivan-Lane,Inc.

The customer agrees to provide safe access to the delivery site in all weather conditions. The customer agrees to allow Kerivan-Lane to inspect their oil storage tank condition, to verify it is not leaking, and our delivery driver verifies your vent alarm is suitable for safe oil delivery and storage. Customer acknowledges that pollution coverage through their homeowner’s insurance has been established.

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