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Heating Oil Plus – Our Premium Oil Efficiency Additive
February 8, 2021

Dear valued customer,

On your account statement this month, you will see an annual charge of $19.95 for the efficiency additive, Heating Oil Plus, that Kerivan-Lane adds to every gallon of home heating oil that we deliver. Heating Oil Plus is one of the many benefits of being a Kerivan-Lane customer! This is what makes our oil better. The formula includes detergents, dispersions, corrosion inhibitors, water demulsifiers, thermal stability and lubricity agents. Below you will see the specific benefits of Heating Oil Plus:

  • Reduces the amount of oil that your heating system consumes by 2-3% annually
  • Helps your heating system burn cleaner, improving efficiency and lowering emissions
  • Reduces the number of heating issues and repairs needed
  • Extends the life of your heating system

For more detailed information on our heating oil, click here.

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Stay warm,
Christopher Lane & the Kerivan-Lane team