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What Kerivan-Lane is doing to keep our employees and customers safe during COVID-19
May 1, 2020

What we are doing at customers’ homes:

  • Asking customers if they are well or have any COVID19 symptoms before going to their home
  • Using one entrance that allows easy access to the work area (to reduce contact with customers)
  • Sanitizing the work area when needed
  • Using gloves when needed
  • Using hand wipes when needed
  • Wearing masks/face coverings at all times when in customers’ homes


What the company is doing:

  • Washing hands regularly – 20 seconds with soap & hot water
  • Washing face often
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Getting plenty of rest
  • If anyone feels sick or has symptoms they are staying home
  • If anyone feels they need to be tested they are staying home until results come back
  • Staying six feet away from team members in the office and from our customers
  • Staggering employee arrival/departure from the office
  • Office employees are only using their own work station/phone/desk/computer
  • Working from home as long as needed
  • Keeping the same team members working together whenever possible
  • Sanitizing office and trucks daily
  • Technicians are staying in their assigned vehicle and sanitizing regularly
  • Obeying all posted updates regarding COVID19 guidelines
  • Wearing masks/face coverings when in the office/working with others
  • Requesting credit cards from customers to avoid handling money/checks and trips to the bank
  • Requesting emails for emailed bills to avoid handling their invoices
  • Requesting emailed bills from our vendors to avoid handling mail/invoices
  • Requesting photos or zoom meetings with customers to avoid unnecessary visits to customers’ homes