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Kerivan-Lane Supports Devin Suau
May 5, 2017

Paul and Devin in front of the Kerivan-Lane oil delivery truck.

Devin honked the horn and spoke over the radio to the Kerivan-Lane team!


Last week Paul Gillert, one of Kerivan-Lane’s technicians, made a special stop along his route. He stopped at the house of Devin Suau, a six-year-old boy who was diagnosed with DIPG–a rare, inoperable brain tumor. Paul lives in the same town as Devin and has been following the #WhyNotDevin campaign that his family and friends created in hopes of finding a cure and raising awareness for DIPG.

When Paul arrived at the Suau house, Devin climbed into the truck with him, honked the horn, and spoke over the radio to the Kerivan-Lane team. Briana Lane spoke over the radio saying, “Hi Devin! I hope you’re having a good day!” to which he responded, “I like chicken!” which made everyone in the office laugh. Apparently, Devin was very excited to go to Chik-fil-A for lunch that afternoon. Paul said Devin had a lot of spunk and loved playing in the truck and getting his own Kerivan-Lane t-shirt!

When we spoke to Devin’s grandmother, she told us that Devin’s story has inspired so many to help their family. He even grabbed the attention of the Pope and got to meet him!

Kerivan-Lane asks you to join us in support of Devin and the Suau family.

Check out their Go Fund Me page to read their story and contribute:


Be Strong. Be Brave. Be the First. #WhyNotDevin