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Spring Cleaning: Prep Your AC
April 3, 2017

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Winter seems to finally be gone. The temperatures are creeping upwards, the sun is shining a little warmer, and the house is creaking with a big stretch as all the new air floods in. It feels wonderful. But…there’s much to be done.

The garden needs to be overhauled, the yard needs a total clean-up, the gutters need to be cleared, the leaky spot in the roof needs to be fixed, the closets need to be dusted and organized…the list goes on.

But one of the most overlooked spring cleaning tasks is one of the most important items: the air-conditioning system!

Our home’s air-conditioning and ductless systems need some attention before they can be expected to start working at prime output. In fact, putting some thoughtful–and professional–care into your home’s energy systems are one of the most important facets to keeping them running as efficiently as possible.

Here is our shortlist of things to get started on:

  1. Check your heating and air-conditioning equipment before the beginning of a new season. You always want to get ahead of schedule so that you don’t run into problems when you need the system to work for you.
  2. Check and replace your air-conditioner’s filters. Filters get dirty and gunked-up with debris. Clean filters are one of the keys to system efficiency.
  3. Clear the space all around the unit itself to ensure that the air it outputs is flowing freely into the home.
  4. Clean around any outdoor units, and clean the outside of the unit itself.
  5. Dust and clean around indoor units.
  6. Most importantly: have your system checked by a professional! With the price of energy increasing, maximizing efficiency and properly maintaining your equipment will help lower your energy costs. For this reason, we offer convenient scheduling of tune-ups and checks, which are included in our Cooling System Maintenance Plans. Learn about our Cooling System Maintenance Plans HERE.