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A New Friend to Love
March 7, 2013


Bentley and his friend Ginger

It has been a long, tiring winter for most of us in the heating oil business and no one feels it more than our technicians. As well as working their normal shift, they have to be on-call at least one night a week to cover our emergency service needs.  Getting up in the dark, working all day and going home in the dark, as well as being called out in the middle of the night, wears on them after a while.

Ron Reitz, one of our service techs, has been uncharacteristically happy for this time of year though, despite the long hours. Laughing and joking constantly and showing off picture after picture of his newest love made all of us grumpily wonder, “What does he have to be so happy about?” Now we know! It’s Bentley! And we completely understand.

All tuckered out

Ron and his girlfriend Helena got the irresistible Golden Retriever puppy in November and we have all fallen in love with him too, through pictures and stories and even the occasional visit to Kerivan-Lane. You can see Bentley “driving” a Kerivan-Lane truck on the homepage of our website. What a face! Now we know why they love to spoil him so much. Ron has agreed to share a few of his favorite photos to post on our blog. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!