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January 23, 2013

The extreme cold is finally here and we have some helpful hints to keep you, your family and your home safe and warm. Any of you with programmable  thermostats that set the temperature back at night and during the day when you are not home…reset them to stay at the same temperature all day and night.  A good temperature to set it at is at least 65 to 68 degrees. Changing the temperature in the home when it is at or below 20 degrees outside can lead to frozen pipes in vulnerable areas such as the cold side of the house or in a wall that is poorly insulated. Of course when the temperature returns to a less extreme cold it will be fine to set the temperature back at night and during the day again.

If you are going to be away from your house for any length of time, please have a family member or friend check on things every few days while you are gone. As well as watering plants and bringing in the mail they can be asked to turn on faucets in each sink for a minute or so. Any faucet without running water could have a frozen pipe. If this is not caught early it could lead to thousands of dollars of water damage! Have them make sure the heat is on. If the thermostats are set at 68 degrees, make sure the home is at 68 degrees also. Keep interior doors open, including vanity doors, to allow the heat to circulate in those hidden areas where pipes can easily freeze.

Always check the level of oil in your oil tank and, if you have less than ¼ of a tank, please call our office (781-444-0279) and we will quickly schedule a delivery to help avoid unexpected heating outages. In case of an evening or weekend emergency problem, you can call Kerivan-Lane’s emergency line at 617-527-1745.

We are here to help! We appreciate your business and of course your referrals.