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Santa’s Magic
November 26, 2012

Making our livelihood in the service industry sometimes has its perks. We get to meet some really great people! One of those people we admire very much is Jim Nentwig who works for our insurance company.  Thirty years ago Jim’s wife was in the hospital at Christmas dying of cancer. For the sake of their young children, she requested they make Christmas “the best we can”.  Jim hired a Santa to come and visit the family in her hospital room, bringing presents and good cheer.

It didn’t seem right that Santa would only visit one room at the hospital so Jim asked ahead of time who would be staying in the other rooms on the floor. Santa visited them also and had a present for everyone.  Sadly, Elizabeth Nentwig died two months later but the next Christmas  Jim and their three sons, dressed as Santas, visited 150 people in her honor.

The Nentwigs have continued the tradition every year since and the organization, known as Santa’s Magic, has grown. On a recent Christmas day, 68 volunteers visited 700 people, including hospital patients, veterans in nursing homes and families of soldiers deployed in war zones overseas. Santa’s Magic operates on private and corporate donations and contributions of in-kind services. Kerivan-Lane, Inc. is happy to say we have been a sponsor of the worthwhile charity for almost five years.


For more information about the group and how you can help, visit www.santasmagic.org