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Milestone for Kerivan-Lane
July 13, 2012

After joining the Angie’s List website in 2010, Kerivan-Lane, Inc. has achieved several important milestones, like the super service award. However, the most important aspect of Angie’s List has been the reviews from you, our customers. After just two years, Kerivan-Lane is about to reach a monumental number!

Reviews are important to Kerivan-Lane for several reasons. First, it proves to future customers and current customers that Kerivan-Lane is a solid, trustworthy and hard working company. Second, it helps our company continue to strive for excellence, in every aspect, from initial phone conversations to heating system installations. We take our customer reviews very seriously and have made several changes company wide based off of customer suggestions. We love hearing from you and Christopher Lane, the General Manager enjoys responding to the reviews as well. So, keep them coming!

Hope to hear from you soon!

The Kerivan-Lane Service Team