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Drip, Drip, Drip
June 27, 2012

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Now that the heating season is behind us, we can all relax a little about our energy bills. However, there are a few more areas you can address during the summer to cut back on your utility bills. Now is the time to check all your water fixtures (especially outdoor faucets) for leaks and get them fixed! Did you know that one dripping faucet wastes about 2,000 gallons of water per year? That’s enough water to take 200 five minute showers or 40 baths! And that’s just one leaking faucet! Imagine if your home had more than one!

Leaking water fixtures are not only a waste of water, but they can also be hazard in your home. Water can be very destructive and although a dripping tap may not seem like a big deal, if the fixture is leaking behind the sink into the wall or floor, the harmless dripping tap could turn into a leaking ceiling or damaged floor.

This summer, take the time to reposition your shower heads, check your faucets and outdoor faucet for leaks. To check your toilets for any leaks, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and leave it for about ten minutes. If after ten minutes you can see the food coloring in the bowl, your toilet is leaking and you will want to get that fixed. If the color does not move into the bowl, then your toilet is fine.

Give Kerivan-Lane a call this summer and we’ll put an end to those dripping spouts!