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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool
June 21, 2012
  1. Insulate! Believe it or not, proper insulation is just as important for keeping hot air OUT during the summer months as it is to keep hot air IN during the winter months. A well insulated attic is especially important since a black roof is the hottest part of a typical New England home.
  2. Keep windows and blinds closed! Don’t open windows or blinds during the day. The key is to keep sunlight and warm air out during the day. If you want to open them during the night to circulate cooler air from outside, just make sure you close them when you first wake up. White blinds are best for reflecting light and heat away from the house.
  3. Turn off electronic devices! If you’re not using your computer, television or other electronic device, turn it off. Also, try not to cook or take steamy showers during the day. These things generate heat and will raise the temperature.
  4. Plant shade trees! Plant around the house, but not on the south side if you want to reap the benefits of solar heat during the winter.