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A Friendly Face Returns
June 20, 2012

As Kerivan-Lane prepares to say bon voyage to one, we welcome back Briana Lane. After graduating from the University of Vermont in 2011, Briana was offered a chance to intern with a start-up non-profit. Briana has spent the past few months in Huntington Beach, CA improving community involvement and bringing awareness to the non-profit’s mission, to create a culture of sustainability through behavior change.

While interning, she was able to channel her college degree of Environmental Studies and her passion for educating others about their surrounding ecosystems. Whether it was teaching hair stylists about recycling or showing children the energy you can save by unplugging electronics after their use, Briana did it all with a firm belief that small changes in our daily routine can have a huge impact to improve our world for future generations.

After the internship was complete, Briana finished her adventures on the west coast with a solo drive cross country! Driving through 15 states, on countless back roads, through a snow storm and finishing off with a 3 hours traffic jam in New York City, Briana arrived back in Massachusetts with 4,000 miles of memories under her belt. Her favorite part of the trip?

“South Dakota, definitely. I loved driving through Custer State Park and seeing Mount Rushmore framed perfectly through each tunnel and seeing a herd of baby buffalo! The Badlands National Park is also a must. Between the dramatic landscapes and the wild buffalo coming up to your car, I promise you won’t be disappointed”.

Briana has resumed her position in the service department, but will also be aiding Kerivan-Lane in initiating more environmentally friendly practices. Last year, she began a company wide recycling program, which has been a great success. We welcome her creative ideas and are happy to have her back!