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Rapid Response Service Calls

For water heater service, repairs, and installation in the Greater Boston area, You can count on the experts at Kerivan-Lane. We service a large area including parts of Boston and Suburban Boston. If this is an emergency, call 781-444-0279 or  Contact us Here.

Water Heaters are Critical to Home Comfort

Although sometimes taken for granted hot water is a necessity in modern life. We depend on our hot water heater for daily showers, laundry, cleaning, dishwashing, and a whole host of other chores. When the hot water isn’t working, a house is in disarray! 

When something goes wrong with a home’s Water Heater, service needs to be performed quickly. Kerivan-Lane’s certified technicians can be on site and taking care of the problem immediately. Chances are, we have your water heater in stock. No more cold showers– contact us right away! Whether you’re looking for a new or replacement water heater, Kerivan-Lane can help you from start to finish with the highest-quality service.

Consider A Kerivan-Lane Service Plan

water heater installed by Kerivan-Lane

Heat Flo Water Heater installed by Kerivan-Lane

The Experts at Kerivan-Lane Make the Water Heater Process Easy

1. Our experts work with homeowners to determine what type of Water Heater makes sense for their home and budget.

2.  We determine the size and scope of the new Water Heater.

3. Our technicians get to work and install your brand new system!

Kerivan-Lane’s certified professional installers will have your clean, safe, efficient system up and running before you know it! For Massachusetts homeowners, there is no better choice than Kerivan-Lane for all of your Water Heater needs. If you are ready to make an investment in updating or replacing your home’s hot water system, we are ready to provide you with an estimate.


Expert Water Heater Installations and Repairs


We install and repair all brands of water heaters.

Tank Water Heaters
– Tank Water Heaters are perfect for homes that require large amounts of hot water

– The more people that live in a house, the more hot water is required. Between laundry, showers, dishwashing loads and beyond, a house requires larger amounts of hot water when the number of residents increases.

– Tank Water Heaters can be a great option for families, but to be certain you are selecting the right one, our team will help you pick the perfect system for your home. 

Hot Water from Heating System Boilers
– Kerivan-Lane can provide service to water that is heated indirectly by your central heating boiler or furnace. 

– Our expert technicians can diagnose and solve problems with all brands and models, including both gas and oil.

On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters
– Environmentally-friendly, cost-cutting, and energy-saving.

– On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters from Kerivan-Lane are state-of-the-art hot water systems.

– Reduce your utility bills and solve hot water problems, like running out of hot water or waiting for water to heat up, with Tankless systems.


Are you ready to update, install or repair your Water Heater? The experts at Kerivan-Lane are standing by to provide you with the highest level of information and service. 

 Contact us today to schedule an estimate, installation, maintenance or repairs!