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We have a home with oil heat. As part of renovating family room we got a Jotul propane stove (cast iron gas stove that looks like a wood stove but burns propane cleanly). From the estimate phase Kerivan Lane impressed me. Chris was very informative and honest. When they installed the propane supply pipe, the head serviceman suggested a different line that looked better and saved me money. Chris followed through on every detail with town inspection. The service has been impeccable, well done and punctual. Their service bas been outstanding even in terms of delivery. For example, they send a reminder to check the tank when a storm is coming to be sure that, in case we lose electricity, we still will have backup heat from the propane stove. Can’t say enough about what a good and worry-free experience this has been.

Richard B Chestnut Hill propane stove install and propane supply March 21, 2017