Premium Home Heating Oil from Kerivan-Lane

Kerivan-Lane Customers Receive Premium Fuel

Our mission is to offer customers an economically sensible solution to heating their homes while conserving energy and protecting the environment. That is why ALL Kerivan-Lane customers not only receive premium Bioheat fuel, but we add an additional, energy-efficient additive, Heating Oil Plus.



Bioheat is Natural and Renewable Home Heat

Bioheat fuel is a blend of biodiesel and ultra low sulfur heating oil.  It is a simple choice and a smart solution that results in a better fuel for your home and the environment. Biodiesel is produced from an array of renewable resources, including plant oils, animal fats, recycled grease, and even algae. Oils and fats used for biodiesel are a minor by-product of soybean meal. These naturally occurring products all work in harmony to create Bioheat, making it one of the most sustainable fuels on the planet.

Heating Oil Plus

This additive is specially formulated to help your energy dollars go farther. Heating Oil Plus will reduce the amount of fuel you use by optimizing the performance of your burner. It is also a rust inhibitor which will extend the life of your heating system. Less breakdown of equipment means less service calls and less inconvenience for you. Heating Oil Plus is a proven money saver and a great idea!


Kerivan-Lane is The Home Energy Expert

Regardless of the New England weather, customers can always depend on our fleet of ten professionally maintained oil trucks to deliver their heating oil at a great price. Our new, state of the art oil facility can store 90,000 gallons of heating and fuel oil so you never need to worry about supply. Our automatic delivery system will calculate how much oil you are consuming and, based on the degree days, will tell us when you need your next delivery.

Kerivan-Lane drivers and technicians always wear uniforms and our vehicles are clearly identified with our company name and logo. If safety is a concern, it is always possible for customers to go on our website and see a photograph of each person on our team. In that case, when a service man arrives at your door you will recognize him from the website photos. We have an extensive hiring process which includes criminal background checks and random drug testing on an on-going basis. Our pledge to you is that we will provide prompt, professional and courteous service and will respect you and your property by leaving it neat and clean.

Kerivan-Lane Service Plans Save You Money

The absolute best way to optimize and maintain your heating system is with Kerivan-Lane’s Enhanced Complete Oil Heating System Maintenance Plan.

With our maintenance plans homeowners receive:

  • Heating System Efficiency Tune-Up
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Safety Inspection
  • Discounts on Repairs
  • Preferred Customer Status

To Lock-In or Not To Lock-In

Every year, some customers struggle to decide if they they should lock-in to a Fixed Price Program or pay the daily market rate for oil deliveries next season. Here are some things to consider to help you make the decision:

  1. It’s your decision. Kerivan-Lane does not encourage or require any customer to lock-in.
  2. Every year oil prices increase some days and decrease other days.
  3. Do not expect to lock-in at the bottom of the market. Example: A customer who chooses to lock-in each year for five years in a row is likely to lose some money three out of the five years.
  4. If you lock-in and oil prices increase, you will have saved some money.
  5. If you lock-in and oil prices decrease, you will have lost some money.
  6. Kerivan-Lane orders oil from our suppliers when you lock-in, as required by law.
  7. Kerivan-Lane cannot get out of the contracts we sign with our suppliers, which is why we require our customers to fulfill their obligations to us, too.


Do you want to save money on your home energy bills? Are you ready to use high-efficiency, eco-friendly fuel?


Then it’s time to switch to Kerivan-Lane, the home energy experts serving the Greater Boston area for over 90 years!


Kerivan-Lane is in Your Neighborhood

Kerivan-Lane serves over 30 communities throughout Boston’s Metro West. A partial list includes the towns of: Needham, Wellesley, Westwood, Wayland, Walpole, Waltham, Belmont, Newton, Framingham, Brookline, Natick, and Sudbury.
For the complete list see our service area.