Bioheat for Your Home


Your home is your most valuable asset. A quality oil heating system will provide your family with warmth and comfort. Modern, high efficiency, clean-burning, safe oil heat will save you money year after year. A new heating system actually pays for itself and adds tremendous value to your home. A new high efficiency boiler, burner or furnace is a great investment. Peace of mind and savings are the two main benefits of your investment.


Save money, reduce fuel costs and increase your comfort with proper maintenance of your heating equipment


Kerivan-Lane's certified professional installers will have your clean, safe, efficient system up and running in just two days. If you are ready to make an investment in your home heating system, we are ready to provide you with an estimate! Contact us today to schedule an estimate, installation, maintenance or repairs.


Oil heating equipment

Kerivan-Lane Green. It's green! It's clean! It's bioheat!

Kerivan-Lane Green is a premium Bioheat® fuel blended with an efficiency additive, and renewable, natural, domestically produced energy sources such as vegetable oils and reclaimed fats. Kerivan-Lane customers are saving both money and natural resources with Bioheat.