Oil Burner Maintenance

Your heating system begins and ends with the oil burner. To keep it operating smoothly and at peak efficiency it needs to be serviced annually.  An annual tune up is included as part of our optional Burner Maintenance Service Plan. Our Service Plan includes:

1) Annual Burner Tune up & Efficiency Test

  • clean boiler or furnace flue
  • replace oil filter and gasket, fuel-pump strainer, burner nozzle
  • check fuel flow
  • adjust flame igniters
  • test transformer and high-tension leads
  • inspect burner end cone
  • clean burner fan and air shutter
  • inspect burner pump coupling
  • test flame safety lockout
  • test high-temperature limit safety
  • test low-water cutoff (steam system only)
  • drain expansion tank if necessary
  • test service switch operation
  • lubricate burner motors
  • lubricate circulator motors/blower motors
  • inspect belts and air filter (warm air system)

2) Parts Protection
The total Burner Maintenance Service Plan, if purchased, includes the repair or replacement of the following parts or controls:

  • burner motor
  • burner transformer
  • burner fan
  • burner coupling
  • burner switch
  • burner electrodes
  • burner nozzle
  • burner fuel pump
  • safety thermal switch
  • safety thermal oil valve
  • burner fuel-pump strainer
  • fuel filter
  • electrode assembly
  • ignition leads and clips
  • turbulator
  • primary relay
  • air filters
  • blower belt
  • blower motor
  • Pressuretrol
  • cadmium cell
  • fan and limit control
  • standard aquastat
  • standard thrmst. T87
  • burner tube
  • burner end cone
  • solenoid valve
  • boiler gauge glass
  • tridicator P/T gauge

3) 24-Hour Emergency Burner Service
Kerivan-Lane, Inc. has the most modern, up-to-date communications available and we are dedicated to providing prompt, professional emergency service to our customers, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can have peace of mind knowing we will be there for you if you need us.

Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions
The annual Burner Maintenance Service Plan costs $329.00 and is billed at the end of May each year. The Service Plan is a great value since it includes the annual efficiency tune up (if purchased separately this costs $189.00). No other home service company in the area provides an efficiency tune up and 24/7 service for the same low price.  The efficiency tune up can conserve as much as 10% of your fuel usage.

Eligibility –Burner Maintenance Service Plans are available exclusively to our customers who are on automatic delivery, who use a minimum of 500 gallons of oil per year and whose accounts are not past due. Service Plans are automatically void and non-refundable if the customer buys oil or service elsewhere or whose account is past due. This agreement is also void and non-refundable if the customer terminates oil delivery or if entry arrangements are not allowed or are not reasonable.

Service Hours –Annual tune ups and scheduled service must be performed during regular service hours (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.). Reasonable entry arrangements must be made. Emergency service refers to No Heat/No Hot Water, Smoke, or Leaks.

*note:  No Heat calls are not considered an emergency during the warm weather months (May – September) or when it is unseasonably warm in the winter.

Inspection – We reserve the right to inspect equipment prior to Burner Maintenance Service Plan  coverage.

Unserviceable Parts –Our obligation to repair or replace parts is subject to their availability through normal sources. We are not obligated to service equipment with design defects or which is obsolete or unserviceable. We will notify the customer should this problem occur during the terms of this agreement.

Excluded from Coverage – Kerivan-Lane Inc.’s Burner Maintenance Service Plan is extensive, but no oil company covers every part in your heating system. Furthermore, standard hourly labor charges will apply to any service performed to repair or replace a part which is not covered.

***excluded: all water related parts such as water piping, devices used to maintain water levels or pressure, water valves, tankless heaters and accessories, humidifiers, zone valves, oil tanks, oil tank sludge, oil lines, blocked oil lines, direct-drive blower motors, blowers, power venters, power venter parts, clock thermostats, circulators, low-water cutoffs, combustion chambers and triple aquastats. This agreement does not cover damage due to fire, flood, storms, freezing, power failures/surges or other uncontrollable acts.