Kerivan-Lane Is Your One-Stop Energy Source.

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Kerivan-Lane is an agent of both Traditional and Renewable Electricity in Massachusetts. We have partnered with Great Eastern Energy, a leading supplier in the Northeast since 1996. Now, Kerivan-Lane is your one-stop energy source.

Great Eastern Energy is licensed to provide energy supply as an alternative to the local utility company.  Great Eastern Energy is A+ Rated with the BBB and is well established in the energy industry.

As a broker, we act as an intermediary between you and Great Eastern Energy for the supply of Electricity.  Through our unique relationship with Great Eastern Energy, we provide pre-arranged discounted pricing to our customers.

By utilizing Kerivan-Lane for Electricity, you will be getting your energy through the same company you’ve trusted for your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs in the past.


Renewable Electricity Solutions

As part of our commitment to sustainable energy, Kerivan-Lane and Great Eastern Energy are proud to offer fixed renewable electricity plans. When a client chooses a renewable electricity plan, they will receive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). RECs are proof that clean energy has been generated and represent the environmental benefits of 1 MWh of renewable energy generation.

A renewable plan lets you invest in a cleaner energy future. Highlights of a renewable plan include:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use
  • Reduces environmental impact of power generation
  • Cost control and peace of mind
  • Protection from market fluctuations

Benefits of Electricity with Kerivan-Lane Include:

  • LOW RATES: Get a discounted rate on Natural Gas, Electricity and Renewable Electricity when you sign up using promo code: K-L
  • NO CHANGE IN SERVICE: When you switch to Kerivan-Lane, your utility company will continue delivering Natural Gas and Electricity to your home. There will be absolutely no disruption in service.
  • ONE BILL: You will continue receiving one bill from your local utility company with electric/gas charges included. When you pay your utility company, they will take care of compensating Kerivan-Lane for the product.
  • RISK REDUCTION THROUGH FIXED PRICE: Locking into a fixed price eliminates the risk of higher gas prices in the winter and higher electricity prices in the summer. 
  • FLEXIBILITY OF TERM: You are free to choose your fixed price term with 12 and 24 month being standard.
  • ENERGY TRACKING SOFTWARE: Business customers can receive energy tracking software at a small add-on to the commodity cost. 


For more information on switching to Kerivan-Lane and Great Eastern Energy, check out our FAQ page here: Energy Q & A