EasyPay Budget Plan

Dear Valued Customer,

Are you tired of paying high heating bills during the winter months? Did you know there is an easy and convenient way to manage your winter bills? As a valued customer we are pleased to offer you our EasyPay Budget Plan. The Budget Plan is a popular and efficient way to manage your cash flow, spreading out payments over a twelve month period.

Based on your oil usage factor, we will arrive at the best possible estimate for your equal monthly payments. The payment amount may be adjusted during the budget period due to factors beyond our control such as unusual weather, dramatic price fluctuations and changes in your oil usage. If you have a Service Plan, the yearly fee can be included in your budget amount as well. Any work not covered by the Service Plan is billed separately as a non-budget item and due within 30 days in addition to your budget payment.

As an added convenience, we can make arrangements to charge your Visa, Mastercard or Discover card each month. We can also set you up for EFT payments. To qualify for the EasyPay Budget Plan you must be an automatic delivery oil customer and you must pay the budget amount by the fifteenth of each month.

Call us at 781-444-0279 or click here to enroll.

Thank you for your business.



Kerivan-Lane Customer Service Team