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Precision Cooling with Ductless AC


Ductless AC indoor unitCustomize Your Comfort

How to beat the heat? That’s the question Massachusetts residents face from May To September. With traditional air-conditioning you have two options: you could cool room by room with window units, or you could cool the entire house with central AC.

Window units give you a degree of control over the temperature in the room. But they’re often noisy, inefficient, and unsightly. With central AC you can set the desired temperature from a thermostat but depending on a variety of factors some rooms will be cooler and some warmer. That’s why you see some folks wearing sweaters with the AC on.

One of the many advantages of Ductless systems is their unique ability to cool rooms separately with precision. With Ductless units, each room is individually controlled. Traditional air-conditioning systems require extensive duct work that wastefully forces air throughout vast spaces. With the precise cooling methods of Ductless units, air is controlled, efficient and energy is not wasted. Precision cooling means that each room can be set to the user’s preference, making everyone happy, and comfort personal.

Precise Cooling with Ductless:

  • Cool a home or building room by room
  • Ductless units are small and discreet
  • Each room is temperature-controlled separately
  • Separate controls mean that each user can customize their environment


Ductless Mini Splits Save Money

Ductless Mini Splits ultimately save homeowners money! As traditional utility costs have skyrocketed, the efficiency of Ductless systems have become more effective and valuable than ever. Older, traditional cooling systems are inefficient and drain the power of a home, which quickly leads to higher and higher monthly bills. Ductless Mini Splits allow homeowners to control temperatures room by room, which means that unoccupied spaces won’t receive cool air, and therefore won’t waste energy.

Not only does the efficiency and precise zoning of Ductless Mini Splits save money, but there are many rebates and tax credits available! The Rebate Assistance experts at Kerivan-Lane will walk you through the rebate process to ensure that you save as much money as possible. Between the efficiency in energy costs and available rebates, Ductless Mini Splits can save you money overall.

As a Fujitsu Ductless Systems Elite Contractor, Kerivan-Lane customers are assured of high-quality service along with an extended warranty. Learn more about Fujitsu Ductless Systems.

Better Air Quality

Eliminate Dust, Bacteria, Allergens and Other Harmful Particulates

Traditional AC units actually require professional, frequent cleaning in order to stay clear. And even then, stubborn dust and allergens remain–which then get pumped throughout the home. Ductless Air-Conditioning units are equipped with multi-stage filtration systems that can reduce dust, bacteria, allergens and other harmful particulates in the air. With Ductless AC, the air inside your home will be fresh and clean.

Ductless Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Increased Efficiency Equals Decreased Carbon Output 

The small size of Ductless units and low amount of power required to run them means that they save you money, but they also reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, Ductless systems follow Energy Star guidelines, which means that they meet much stricter codes than the minimum federal government standards. Because Ductless Air-Conditioning doesn’t waste air on unused rooms, and every unit is controlled individually, they use less energy than traditional AC.

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Kerivan Lane recently installed a mini-split ductless heating and A/C unit in my condo. They were professional, on time, explained everything and cleaned up beautifully. Highly recommended. … Continue Reading

Lydia G. Amherst, NH Ductless AC July 8, 2016

Is your current Air-Conditioning system old, bulky and dirty? Is it costing you unnecessary dollars because of its inefficiency?

Are you ready to update to a small unit that cleans your air and saves you money? Do you want to customize the air in your home and decrease your carbon footprint?

Then it’s time to switch to Ductless Air-Conditioning from Kerivan-Lane. Call us today!

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