Cooling System Maintenance Plan

For Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Systems

Peace of Mind for Only $14 Per Month or $168 Annually

Includes the following benefits:

Cooling System Annual Check-Up:

A certified and trained Kerivan-Lane technician will conduct a safety check of the air conditioning system based upon industry best practices.

  • Keeps the system running cleanly and reduces unexpected service calls
  • Increases efficiency of your cooling system
  • Saves you money on energy bills
  • Prolongs the life of your cooling system
  • Improves indoor air quality

Priority Service Scheduled

Cooling System Plan Maintenance customers receive priority scheduling for any unexpected issue that may occur. Rest assured that we will be there for you during the hottest days of summer and all year round if you should ever need us.

20% Discount on Repair Bills

Customers enrolled in the Cooling System Maintenance Plan will receive a 20% discount on service repairs (excluding system replacements). This plan covers up to 2 ductless indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit.

Why Is Annual Maintenance a Good Idea?

With the price of energy increasing, maximizing efficiency and properly maintaining your equipment will help lower your energy costs. We offer convenient scheduling of your tune-up which is included with your Cooling System Maintenance Plan. When the heat arrives, your cooling equipment will be tuned to run at its best, providing you with cooling and comfort all summer long.

Benefits of Installing Ductless A/C

  • Extremely efficient - can save up to 15-20% heat loss Can be used to cool, heat, or dehumidify
  • Easy installation and quiet operation
  • Zoned for room-by-room comfort
  • Qualifies for Mass Save® Rebates and zero percent loans!
  • Kerivan-Lane is a Fujitsu Elite Contractor, so when we install your system, the WARRANTY WILL DOUBLE!!

Combine our Cooling System Maintenance Plan with any of the following and

Save $20!

Multiple Units

Oil Heat




General Conditions

1. This agreement is between the customer and Kerivan-Lane, Inc., herein referred to as the Company. This agreement will automatically suspend if the customer ceases to pay for repair parts, labor, or other chargeable items when due, or renders or permits anyone other than the Company to perform service to the cooling system and associated equipment, unless so instructed beforehand by the Company. There shall be no obligation upon the Company to perform any service or provide parts after termination of this agreement. Upon termination, there shall be no refund or credits allowed. If the customer cancels the agreement for any reason before the end of the service period, the customer is responsible for the remaining balance on the agreement. This agreement is not transferable.

2. This agreement is offered to all customers subject to an inspection and approval of their equipment. If upon inspection, the customer’s equipment is found to be unacceptable or obsolete, the customer’s contract coverage will be cancelled and a pro-rated refund will be returned to the customer. Repairs required to place equipment in acceptable conditions are excluded and will be charged separately.

3. This agreement will become effective immediately following the inspection and approval of the customer’s equipment, as required above, and payment of the agreement invoice. This agreement is effective for a twelve (12) month period and will automatically renew itself, unless either party gives 30-day written notice of termination, or there is a termination under the provisions of condition #2.

4.  Priority Service means customers with a service plan will go to the top of the list and get the first available service slot. It will be billed at normal business hour rates (8:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m.). Priority Service provided on holidays and/or outside of normal hours will be subject to a prevailing rate of 1.5 times, minimum 1 hour.

5. This agreement does not cover water damage due to blockage/leakage in the primary drain pan, secondary drain pan under fan coil unit, or drain lines from drain pans. This agreement does not cover mold restoration nor does it cover any free standing dehumidifiers or dehumidifier systems.

6. The Company’s obligation to furnish parts specifically listed herein shall be subject to the availability of parts through usual supply sources. Replacement of obsolete items for which parts are not available will be performed on a time and material basis.

7. The Company shall be liable solely for repairs to the covered equipment. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any consequential or resultant damages or injury (including death) to persons or property, nor for damages resulting from defective equipment; loss of damage resulting from operation or non-operation of said equipment; delays in performing service; making repairs or installations of parts; because of strikes, accidents, explosions, or shortages; or due to other conditions beyond the control of the Company.

8. The customer will receive an annual $20 discount for each bundled Maintenance Plan upon renewal.

9. The 20% discount on service repairs is not eligible towards new equipment installations.

10. This agreement contains in the entire agreement of the parties hereto and there are no promises, terms, conditions, or obligations other than printed herein.