Converting To Propane

Curious About Converting to Propane? Kerivan-Lane Makes it Easy

old boiler on the floor to be replaced by a propane tankReady to say goodbye to your old heating system?

new propane tank installed by kerivan-laneNew propane systems can be wall-mounted

Old systems and tanks use to take-up too much floor space, but now there are wall-mounted options.

new propane tanks installed outside by kerivan-laneWe install your new propane tanks in a discreet location

New propane tanks can be installed outside by Kerivan-Lane. Outdoor tanks equals more floor space!

propane tanks hidden behind shedWe will help you hide your new propane tanks in an unseen area.

FireTUbe combination boiler and hot water heater installed by Kerivan-LaneWe offer space-saving, high-efficiency propane solutions

This is the space-saving FireTube combination boiler+hot water heater. It provides 95% efficient propane gas heat and 4 gallons per minute of hot water.

a venting example for propane systemsWe can vent your system in an affordable and effective way

A venting example on how to avoid old chimneys and expensive stainless steel liners.

kerivan-lane technicians with their valued customerThe expert technicians at Kerivan-Lane take pride in their work and value their customers!

We value customer satisfaction on all projects. All of our customers receive our award-winning customer service, from start to finish on every job.

Convert to Propane with Kerivan-Lane

The experts at Kerivan-Lane can help you convert to propane and save as much money as possible! Right now, rebates are available when installing 95% high-efficiency heat and hot water:


Mass Save has INCREASED the rebate for a 95% efficient boiler with combined ON-DEMAND hot water heater!!

95% Combination boiler on-demand hot water heater’s now have $1,750.00 in rebate cash to the homeowner!  Take this opportunity for the additional hot water & heat boiler heat conversion

$600.00 rebate to receive a TOTAL OF $2,350.00 rebate savings for customers!!!

Are you ready to save money and space with a high-efficiency propane system? Call Kerivan-Lane today!