Boiler Installation

Boiler Replacement Pays You Back


energy bill cut in halfHere in Massachusetts space heating is the single biggest contributor to your energy bill. That’s probably not news to you, especially if you are now considering the replacement of an older boiler.

The good news is that boiler technology has come a long way. Since today’s boilers are significantly more efficient than older models, an upgrade is a surefire way to reduce your energy bill.

Since modern boilers use less fuel to produce the same amount of heat, it stands to reason that you’d save money just by switching out your old boiler for a new one. But while that is true, a new boiler installation is also an opportunity to re-evaluate your heating system. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that a combination of energy efficiency upgrades and high efficiency heating equipment can cut your energy bill, as well as your carbon footprint, in half.

More often than not boilers that were installed 20-30 years ago are inadequate today due, ironically, to energy saving home improvements. Many boilers were oversized to begin with and every subsequent attempt to tighten up the home resulted in the heating system operating less efficiently. This would lead to more frequent breakdowns as well as uncomfortable temperature swings in the house.

Kerivan-Lane Boiler Installaton

The Cost Of Boiler Replacement

In theory when you make an investment in your home’s heating system it should payoff in greater comfort as well as lower energy bills. Only you can decide what the improved comfort is worth. But savings from lower energy bills are paying for your new heating system. The cost of boiler replacement is zero when your accumulated savings equals the investment.

The initial investment in a new boiler as well as the length of your payback period is determined by which boiler you choose and, more importantly, the contractor you choose to do the installation. The chart below will give you a general idea of how much you can expect to save based on AFUE ratings. But if your contractor doesn’t size and install the system properly you won’t get the same results.

What Is AFUE

The efficiency of combustion equipment such as boilers, furnaces, and water heaters is measured by AFUE which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. In plain English– AFUE tells us how much of the fuel going into the appliance is converted into actual heat.

In terms of dollars and cents a boiler rated at 60% AFUE is wasting 40 out of every 100 dollars spent on fuel. Here in Greater Boston we still have many homes with boilers on the low end of the AFUE scale.

annual estimated savings for every $100 of fuel cost based on AFUE


System Performance

If your new boiler is to perform at or above your expectations you’ll need the services of a well-trained heating contractor who has working knowledge of the equipment. Because size matters your heating professional must consider factors such as:

  • Size and shape of the house
  • Orientation of the house
  • Local climate
  • Windows: location, type, and area
  • Insulation levels
  • Air infiltration
  • Major appliances: types and efficiencies
  • Occupants: number, ages, and comfort preferences

With the proper load calculations in hand an experienced professional can accurately prescribe boiler size along with recommendations. These may be based on features present in certain boilers that would enhance the performance and efficiency of your system. Some of those include:

  • Efficient controls
  • Modulating aquastats
  • Electrical efficiency
  • Indirect water heating

Indirect Water Heating

A natural companion to today’s modern boilers is indirect fired domestic hot water. It’s very efficient because instead of running two appliances with two fuel inputs and two vents you only need one. The boiler heats a fluid which is circulated through a heat exchanger in the hot water tank giving you a ready and ample supply of hot water.

diagram of indirect hot water heater


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