Kerivan-Lane Green. It’s green! It’s clean! It’s bioheat!


Kerivan-Lane Green is a premium Bioheat® fuel blended with an efficiency additive, and renewable, natural, domestically produced energy sources such as vegetable oils and reclaimed fats. Kerivan-Lane began offering our BioHeat fuel in the last few years and our clients are saving both money and natural resources.

What makes Bioheat different from “regular” heating oil?

  • Produced from domestic, renewable resources
  • Contains no petroleum
  • Biodegradeable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfurs and aromatics.

Benefits to homeowners using Kerivan-Lane Green are:

  1. Kerivan-Lane Green costs the same as regular home heating oil.
  2. No modifications to the heating system or oil tank are needed.
  3. BioHeat® fuel has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel providing extremely satisfying warmth and home comfort.
  4. No changes to the budget plan, payment plan, service contract, or warranties are needed.
  5. Bioheat® fuel is extremely clean burning reducing greenhouse gases and emissions making it your environmentaly friendly choice.
  6. Bioheat® fuel reduces our dependence on foreign oil and supports our nation’s farmers and the American economy.

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Print-friendly white sheet on Kerivan-Lane’s BioHeat